You pay a monthly fee for using POLITmonitor. The price for database access and POLITmonitor services depends on your needs.

basic pro Option
‘more users’
Number of users 1 2 + 1
All items of business at federal level (basic or pro)
Keyword search
Items of business prioritization
Standard reports
Export as PDF
Standard topics 1 all
Capture comments, Summary
Standard calendar
Individual calendar entries
Extended export (.csv, .xls, .txt)
Cost ‚Confederation‘ per month 89.-
+ 89.-
Option ‚cantonal items of business‘, per month + 180.- + 480.- + 180.-
‚Confederation‘ and ‚cantonal affairs‘, per month 269.- 739.- + 269.-


All prices are quoted in CHF and do not include VAT.

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